Linux server deployment #

Windows, Linux, macOS clients #

OpenWrt LuCI app #

Android #

iOS #

Which build should I choose? #

TL;DR for most users #

  • Windows (64-bit): hysteria-windows-amd64-avx.exe. If that doesn’t work, try hysteria-windows-amd64.exe.
  • Linux (64-bit): hysteria-linux-amd64-avx. If that doesn’t work, try hysteria-linux-amd64.
  • Linux (32-bit): hysteria-linux-386.
  • macOS (M1 or newer): hysteria-darwin-arm64.
  • macOS (Intel): hysteria-darwin-amd64-avx. If that doesn’t work, try hysteria-darwin-amd64.

Details #

File OS Arch Spec
hysteria-darwin-amd64 macOS x86_64
hysteria-darwin-amd64-avx macOS x86_64 AVX
hysteria-darwin-arm64 macOS ARM64 M1 or newer
hysteria-freebsd-386 FreeBSD x86
hysteria-freebsd-amd64 FreeBSD x86_64
hysteria-freebsd-amd64-avx FreeBSD x86_64 AVX
hysteria-freebsd-arm FreeBSD ARMv7
hysteria-freebsd-arm64 FreeBSD ARM64
hysteria-linux-386 Linux x86
hysteria-linux-amd64 Linux x86_64
hysteria-linux-amd64-avx Linux x86_64 AVX
hysteria-linux-arm Linux ARMv7
hysteria-linux-armv5 Linux ARMv5
hysteria-linux-arm64 Linux ARM64
hysteria-linux-mipsle Linux MIPS Little Endian
hysteria-linux-mipsle-sf Linux MIPS Little Endian, Soft Float
hysteria-linux-s390x Linux s390x
hysteria-windows-386.exe Windows x86
hysteria-windows-amd64.exe Windows x86_64
hysteria-windows-amd64-avx.exe Windows x86_64 AVX
hysteria-windows-arm64.exe Windows ARM64

If you are a developer of a project that supports Hysteria, or you have found a project that supports Hysteria as a user, contact us to have it listed here.