URI Scheme

Third party clients looking to implement a “share by link” feature are advised to follow the following URI scheme (initially introduced by Shadowrocket):


- host: hostname or IP address of the server to connect to (required)
- port: port of the server to connect to (required)
- protocol: protocol to use ("udp", "wechat-video", "faketcp") (optional, default: "udp")
- auth: authentication payload (string) (optional)
- peer: SNI for TLS (optional)
- insecure: ignore certificate errors (optional)
- upmbps: upstream bandwidth in Mbps (required)
- downmbps: downstream bandwidth in Mbps (required)
- alpn: QUIC ALPN (optional)
- obfs: Obfuscation mode (optional, empty or "xplus")
- obfsParam: Obfuscation password (optional)
- remarks: remarks (optional)